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November 2016


Hello and welcome to’s newsletter. I hope for this to be a bi-monthly newsletter keeping readers up to date on the modules we publish and news for the site.


If you have been to the site recently, you can see how busy we have been. We now have over 40 unique modules from different denominations. To reiterate, we are open to all denominations to upload items, as long as they aren’t pro-New Ageish.


Thank you to Bro. Darrel Wright for converting and compiling a lot of these modules and for Bro. Tim Morton for his help on module making and being very patient while we ask him a lot of questions.



Gary Everett’s 2013 Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures (64 vols)

With permission of the author and a big thank you to Tim Morton, we present Gary Everett’s Study Notes.

We have his 2016 edition and while we are working on the latest release, having this module out as a place holder until the latest is done.


Septuagint with the Byzantine NT

This Bible Module contains the Septuagint LXX Greek Old Testament keyed to Strong's Numbers with complete parsing information. Version 1.1 compiled by


This module also contains the Greek New Testament according to the Byzantine Textform, edited by Maurice A.Robinson and William G. Pierpont, 2000 edition.

Module originally created by Douglas Hamp for The Word software, converted by Darrel Wright for Bible Analyzer.

Alfred Edersheim Collection

Four of Alfred Edersheim’s works are now available for Bible Analyzer. This collection includes:

  • Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

  • The Temple: It’s Ministry and Services

  • Sketches of Jewish Social Life

  • Bible History: The Old Testament

These works belong in any Bible student’s library.

Gnomon of the NT (Commentary + Dictionary) - 5 vols

John Bengel's Gnomon is a classic Greek New Testament Commentary, the fruit of twenty years labor. Bengel condenses more matter into a line than other writers say in pages. It is said that Bengel could convey in two sentences where other authors needed two pages to say. This contains all 5 Volumes plus a dictionary module.


Converted into Bible Analyzer by Darrel Wright.


SITE NEWS works but consider it in “beta-test”. There are bound to be some bugs so if you find any please report them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accounts can be created either through Facebook or the website itself. Only registered accounts can upload and download.


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That is it for now. Thank you for the support. In the Messiah’s Name

Bro. Michael Henry

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