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Symbolical Dictionary of the Prophetic Symbols Symbolical Dictionary of the Prophetic Symbols
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Excerpt from A Symbolical Dictionary


The Editor has for many years past, had a deep conviction of the value of this work. When he commenced the study of Prophecy, he had not proceeded far, when he found, in the chief authors which fell in his way, frequent reference to Daubuz on the subject of Symbols; and he therefore took an early opportunity of procuring a copy of his work. It is, however, very remarkable, that, notwithstanding it is the principal work of the kind in the English language, or indeed in any other, it is not even mentioned in the Title page of the Book of which it originally formed a part: and hence it happens, that, as a Symbolical Dictionary, it is not to be found in any Catalogue of literature. From this circumstance its very existence is unknown, except unto the few who are acquainted with Daubuz's other writings. 

Daubaz interpreted the book of Revelation from the "historical" perspective. That means, the events in the book of Revelation basically took place in the first and second centuries.

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