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Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia
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Ashley S. Johnson designed the Condensed Bible Cyclopedia for "those have but litle time for study." First published in 1893, the volume covers topics such as people, places and events in the Bible in a concise but thorough way. A sample of topics include:

  • Creation
  • Sons of God
  • The Exodus
  • Sabbath and Feasts
  • Peculiarities of the Law of Moses
  • Reign of the Judges
  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Kingdom of Judah

About the Author

Ashley S. Johnson (1857-1925) was an preacher and educator in East Tennessee. He and his wife, Emma Elizabeth Strawn planted churches and encouraged exisiting ministries while starting a correspondence Bible school with thousands of students. After realizing he wanted to educate and train preachers, he founded the School of Evangelists in 1893. After he died, the school was renamed Johnson Bible College. He authored many volumes including: The Internal Spirit, His Word and Works, Moses or Christ Which? The Life of Trust, Debate with a Baptist and many others.

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