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Books of the Pentateuch Books of the Pentateuch
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About William Evans
William Evans was born January 1, 1870 in Liverpool, England, to George Evans. He died in 1950, in California. On June 20, 1889, when he was 19, he immigrated to the United States, from Liverpool.

William Evans was a New York journalist with a very comfortable salary. He heard D.L. Moody preach in New York City on Luke 5. Moody challenged young people to give themselves to Christian service, and suddenly looked down at William Evans and pointedly said, “Young man, I mean you.” Afterwards Moody found Evans and told him that somehow God had told him that He was calling Evans to service. Evans mentioned his good salary, and Moody told him to pack up his trunk and go to Chicago, not worrying about the money.

William Evans became the first graduate of Moody Bible Institute in 1892, two years after it was dedicated.

Dr. Evans was an unusually accomplished man. He pastored several churches and wrote over 50 books. He memorized the entire King James Version of the Bible as well as the New Testament of the American Standard Version. Dr. Evans also authored over fifty books.

About The Book of the Pentateuch

This commentary covers Genesis through Deuteronomy. Evans spends a great deal of time on Genesis. This module contains thorough Book comments that you should not forget to read. Deuteronomy's book comments contain a thorough explanation of Evans' view of the dispensations. 

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Author William Evans
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