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King James Clarified NT King James Clarified NT
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By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - Internet Church Of Christ -


When I first started working on The King James Clarified New Testament (KJCNT) in 1998, I began with a good King James Bible (KJV) Public Domain text. Then I updated the obsolete words to agree with their modern meanings, consulting a list of outdated Bible words prepared by Noah Webster in 1833.

Now, a few years later (2003), I have gone back and cleaned up some typographical errors which had made their way into the first version.

The result has all of the theological authority of the original King James text, but it is easier to understand. Many people also find that it is strikingly beautiful, because it keeps the original sentence structure of the KJV, changing only the obsolete words.

It is in the Public Domain, so you may use it without restriction. In particular, it is suitable for quoting long passages of Scripture which would be prohibited in other Bible versions because of Copyright restrictions. Also, you may prepare "derivative works," such as Red-Letter editions or HTML versions, or audio versions, or e-book versions.

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