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Modern Literal Version

(2016 beta Edition NT and ALPHA OT)

The Modern Literal Version (MLV) aims to be exactly what the title suggests: A modern-language translation of the New Testament which is as close to word-for-word as possible while still being understandable/readable. While some translations use several words to translate a single Greek word (many times in the same paragraph), the MLV has sought to only use one English word for each Greek word. This, of course, doesn't include when one Greek word clearly has different meanings in different contexts.

Quick Overview:
The “Modern Literal Version” uses the Majority Text (‘The New Testament in the Original Greek Byzantine Textform 2005 Compiled and Arranged by Maurice A. Robinson and William Pierpont’).

Two distinct and opposite techniques are used in translating the New Testament from the Greek. The “Modern Literal Version” is the first type, a ‘literal’ translation sometimes called ‘word for word’ translation. The second and most common in the past 30 years is to paraphrase the Greek into English (dynamic equivalence, free style, better than a word for word, or some other fancy wording), all of which are just lame excuses for sloppy translation principles. Any form of paraphrasing would make the opinions of the translators your ‘Word of God.’ They read like the newspaper and contain less wording than a ‘word for word’ translation. The goal of everyone who worked on the “Modern Literal Version” was to keep any form of commentary or paraphrase out of this translation as is humanly possible. Since there is no denomination or publishing company behind the MLV and it was never made for profit, the only uninspired traditions kept in the MLV are: punctuation and capitalization; chapter and verse numbers; and book order (very much to our distaste). How many other translations can claim that especially in book form?

Asterisks (*) are placed after certain words to alert the reader to various information from the original language. For example, when you see you*, this means that in Greek, this is plural.

If you, the reader, have some questions, corrections, or suggestions about the translation itself, please email the translation committee here.

Note: This is the very first MLV OT, and is very much still a work in progress. The MLV Committee would appreciate any assistance you wish to offer. If you find something that you believe could be translated better, based on the original language and accuracy in English, email them MLVBible at gmail dot com.

Contents of this module:

The 2016 Edition of the Modern Literal Version New Testament.

Copyright Notice:
The Modern Literal Version is copyright 2015, G. Allen Walker, co-editor of the MLV. 

Permission is granted to use the MLV in any articles, commentaries, or other books, so long as the MLV does not comprise 50% of the total work. However, as a courtesy, we would appreciate being informed of it ahead of time if it will be in a published work (book/commentary). The MLV is available free in a searchable format for your website. Contact us for more details.
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