Welcome to Bible Analyzer Modules.

Thank you for visiting us. This is a 3rd party site designed to be a repository for 3rd party modules for the Bible study software, Bible Analyzer 5.0. 

Bible Analyzer 5.0 is a multi-platform Bible study software that runs under Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It is the best native client for Linux and of course Windows, also.

This site isn't designed to compete with Bible Analyzer Software, only compliment it. If the store has an official module, then it will not be hosted here. Modules hosted here will be modules that Tim Morton, for whatever reasons, can not or is not interested in hosting on the official site.

Uploads are allowed to registered users, but will be approved before listed. All Christian denominations modules are allowed. These modules, however, will not be allowed: 

  1. Any module from Bible Analyzer Software store, regardless if the person uploading created it.

  2. Any copyrighted module unless you have permission from the copyrighted holder.

  3. Any PRO-occult/new age/cult material. Yes that is a broad definition, however if your denomination agrees with the base fundamental Christian beliefs, then it will be approved. Materials that explain or define what an occult/cult group believe is permissible.  

  4. Nothing will be uploaded that attacks Christianity, the Bible, or denies that Jesus/Yeshua is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Other than hosting modules for Bible Analyzer ,this site is in no way affiliated with Tim Morton or his company, Bible Analyzer Software. Usage of the name, Bible Analyzer, is not meant to imply affiliation or infringement of any copyrights. Bible Analyzer and everything associated with it is copyrighted by Tim Morton and Bible Analyzer Software.

In the Messiah's Name.